Thinker, Feeler, Wildcard, Princess

Watching four kids develop, it’s interesting to see how, even though all four have the same environment, each develops into something very different. Their unique personalities emerged early on, and stay true even as they get older.

Thing 1 is The Thinker. He is reserved, and carefully considers his alternatives before acting. When you talk to him you can see the wheels turning. He is always thinking two steps ahead. He absolutely devours books and information like sports scores. His NCAA bracket entry is beating 99.6% of all entries on and you get the feeling it’s no accident.

Thing 2 is The Feeler. He is a people person. He loves being around his family and friends. He doesn’t ask where we’re going, but who will be there. He is sensitive and empathetic. When his brother and sister were crying as babies, he was very concerned and jumped to help them. Since his earliest years he has been a hugger, randomly walking up to me and giving a hug.

Thing 3 is without a doubt The Wildcard. You never know what you are going to get. At times he is sweet, sensitive, and follows instructions. At other times he is off doing his own thing, in his own world, running across a busy parking lot in chase of a bird. One minute he’s telling his sister her hair is so pretty, the next he’s grabbing her doll and throwing it down the stairs. He is a constant stream of consciousness, saying whatever pops into his head at the moment. His random questions have been well documented here. I defy you to spend 10 minutes in conversation with him and not break into laughter…that is, if he doesn’t drive you crazy first.

Thing 4 is The Princess. And not just because she is the youngest and only girl, so SuburbanDaddy can’t help but do whatever she asks. She is just such a girly-girl. You would think with 3 older brothers she would be rough and tumble, which she is to some degree. But she is all about pink, and purses, and dancing, and dolls, and pigtails, and we love every minute of it.

Not Every Day

Here’s something you don’t see every day. Things 1,2,and 3 all sitting down, quietly, and reading at the library.


And now you see why. The promise of a visit to Cold Stone Creamery for ice cream!

Followed by a stop at the toy store.

All of this was done by SuburbanMommy with the hope that there would be some peace and quiet tonight to watch the red carpet on Oscar night.

A better plan may have been to send SuburbanDaddy to the golf course this afternoon.

Born To Perform

I don’t know how I missed this video until now. Thing 2 had his first grade Thanksgiving performance in November. I stayed home with Thing 3 and Thing 4, but SuburbanMommy recorded it. Maybe as she was focused on the video camera, she may not have even noticed what he was doing.

This is exactly why they invented video cameras. Before watching, you might want to refresh yourself on Thing 2’s prior history on the stage.

I love the way he’s seemingly distracted by the microphone, and making goofball faces, but when it’s time for his line, he confidently grabs the mic and delivers right on queue!

A New Activity

We’re always looking for new activities. The more active the better. Today we found a new place called Rebounderz. Two giant trampoline arenas, video games. What more could you want?

First, they got instructions and the rules.


Then they got to jumping. For an hour non-stop. I have never seen them so sweaty.

After a while of practice, maybe they can be as good as this guy.

This is what Thing 3 looked like at the end.


A Strange Noise In The Night

After 8 years of conditioning I am a very light sleeper. I am regularly awakened by crying, coughing, and middle of the night bathroom trips (not mine, the Things). Often I have a hard time getting back asleep.

Last night, I woke up to strange sounds. At first, I thought it was Thing 4 crying because she has been sick this week and waking up a lot during the night. I finally realized it was muffled voices and saw the lights were on downstairs. It was 3:15 am.

I went downstairs and found Thing 2 on the couch, all the lights on, and the TV was playing. All of this actually isn’t that surprising for Thing 2. He said the crickets woke him up. But what was unusual about it was what he was watching. The replay of Jay Leno and the Tonight Show. He is six years old.

Jay Leno

A New School Year

It was a clear, post-hurricane Irene morning for the first day of school today. Thing 2 started first grade, riding the bus for the first time, and Thing 1 is an old pro now in second grade.


SuburbanMommy made them endure the yearly ritual of hair combing, collared shirts, and lots of pictures.? One day they will thank her.


Thing 3 and Thing 4 eagerly watched their brothers from the front door.?? Thing 3 started pre-K today.? New teachers, new friends, but he adjusted? well and enjoyed playing with all the dinosaurs in his new classroom.


Thing 4 was feeling a little left out, but she felt better once she found a backpack so she could be like one of the boys.