Junior Golfers

We found a fun activity for the summer – Loudoun Junior Golf League. Weekly 9 hole matches as a fun introduction to golf. It’s all part of my grand plan to be able to play more golf myself, some time way in the future.

SuburbanDaddy is one of the tournament officials. Which means I get a free golf cart, keep everyone’s score, and make sure nobody is cheating.

Cherry Blossoms

I had lived in the Washington DC area for over twenty years and never experienced the most quintessential DC tourist attraction – Cherry Blossoms.

We went on a weekday during spring break to avoid the huge crowds.  March was unusually warm and the blossoms were near peak. 

We took the Metro from Reston to avoid traffic and parking. It was our first time taking the metro as family. I have to say driving, even with the traffic, is still easier, and cheaper, when you have 6 people.

Complaints were rampant as we had to do a lot of walking and standing in big crowds. But we can at least check Cherry Blossoms off the bucket list.

The most memorable part was probably right after taking this picture, when a tourist lost her phone in the water leaning over the railing trying to get a good angle for a picture.

Beach Week

Our annual week at the beach has evolved considerably from the early years. I have to say, this year’s trip was by far the best so far. And by best, I mean the most relaxing. We still had to deal with the occasional meltdowns of a 3 year old who is used to napping every day. But overall it was a great week.

In a masterful display of packing, we had everything a family of six needs for a week in the trunk of the minivan.


The boys raced go-karts. Thing 3 had to stand on his toes to make the 46 inch height requirement.

SuburbanMommy and Thing 4 were all business at dinner.

On a sunset dolphin cruise we spotted many dolphins. Thing 3 insists he also saw a blue whale even though the water was mostly 3 feet deep.

Thing 3 took part in a July 4th watermelon eating contest.

It rained the first few days but it didn’t slow down Thing 4.

The sun finally came out and we spent plenty of time at the beach.






We were thankful to have an extra pair of hands with us.

Mornings began with a walk to the bakery. Donuts for breakfast.


On very rare occasions everyone will stand still and look at the camera at the same time.


No one was very eager to get back into the car for the long drive home.

On the drive home, Thing 1 was already looking at the catalog of rentals for next year.