Hit The Brakes

Thing 4 learned to ride a bike just a few weeks after turning five.  She was a quick learner and was off and riding in no time. There was one, very important part that we didn’t cover.

Hit the brakes! Hit the breaks!

I don’t know what that is!

Basketball Trip

We started a tradition some years ago where we go to a basketball game with SuburbanGrandpa when he visits for Thanksgiving. This year we saw Georgetown beat some school no one has ever heard of. No matter, the important part is the tradition.

This year we were joined by 2 SuburbanUncles and SuburbanCousins. It was a fun afternoon including the traditional meal at the Green Turtle.





First Sleep Over

Thing 1 turned ten years old yesterday. Ten years!? For his birthday, he wanted to have some friends over for a sleepover.

This was our first time hosting a sleepover party. I didn’t know what to expect.

We’re about halfway through it right now and so far so good. There was pizza, cupcakes, a jalape?o eating contest, ad a juice box chugging contest. Also, a Wii football and foosball tournament (which I won). Yes, for 10 year olds, everything is a competition. I can’t wait to see what the morning brings.