Junior Golfers

We found a fun activity for the summer – Loudoun Junior Golf League. Weekly 9 hole matches as a fun introduction to golf. It’s all part of my grand plan to be able to play more golf myself, some time way in the future.

SuburbanDaddy is one of the tournament officials. Which means I get a free golf cart, keep everyone’s score, and make sure nobody is cheating.

Soccer Sabotage

Taken by itself, this is a not so special video of some 4 year olds attempting to play soccer. But, if you know Thing 3, especially if you knew him when he was 4 years old, and once you hear the back story of what he was trying to do in this game, it takes on a whole new meaning.

Thing 3 was mad about something. And there was always something when he was 4 years old. Someone probably said or did something the wrong way. So Thing 3 decided he would get even by sabotaging the game and kicking the ball off the field so they couldn’t play. He was so determined and managed to kick the ball off the field a few times.

The coaches and other kids had no idea why he kept intentionally kicking the ball off the field. Thing 1 was there and thought it was hilarious, and he still jokes about it. I wanted to immortalize it here forever so one day Thing 3’s kids could see how their dad was when he was 4.

Football Highlight Reel

Here is a collection of highlights from Thing 2’s flag football game today. In the first clip, Thing 2 (jersey #4) is playing quarterback for the first play of the game. In the next clip, he completes a pass for a touchdown. The third clip is Thing 2 faking a pass, then taking off on a quarterback draw for the two point conversion. In the final highlight, Thing 2 airs it out for a deep pass.