Football Tradition

Continuing our yearly tradition, we went to a preseason NFL game for the third year in a row. This year we went back to the Redskins’ FedEx Field, despite my declarations that I’d never return.

Suburban Uncle gave Thing 2 tickets for his birthday. With all the hoopla around here for Robert Griffin III (RG3), it was a big event.

We also kept the streak alive: Three games where it rained.


The President Shops At Costco

Living in a swing state, Virginia, near Washington DC, we’re getting a lot of attention in the media and from the presidential candidates. ? Today, Barack Obama will be in nearby Leesburg. ?The attention sparked a conversation this morning.

Me: ?Barack Obama will be in Leesburg today.

Thing 2: ?He just walks around the streets?

Me: ?No, he’ll be making a speech somewhere with a lot of people.

Thing 1: ?Maybe Costco! ?Costco is pretty big.

(We often go to Costco in Leesburg. ?And last week Robert Griffin III, new quarterback for the Redskins, was reportedly shopping at the same Costco.)

Me: ?I don’t think the president goes to Costco. ?He has people who go shopping for him.

Thing 1: ?Like his wife?

Thing 2: ?No, Mrs. Obama is a doctor

Victory At Last

It should never have taken this long. I blame myself, really. There were some early missteps, perhaps, but that’s still no excuse.

Until last week, both Thing 1 and Thing 2, ages 8 and 7, could not ride a bike. A couple years ago we had bikes with training wheels, and took them off to try to learn. But they had some falls, got frustrated, and developed an aversion to anything having to do with riding a bike. This was around the time Thing 4 was born, and Thing 3 was a handful and a half, so it was hard to find the time to teach them.

Finally we had to lay down an ultimatum. It was as much an ultimatum for me than for them. I told them kids their age should know how to ride a bike. It’s like swimming, reading, and tying your shoes.

But I was also thinking, dads with kids of a certain age should have already taught them how to ride a bike. Mission accomplished. Two more to go.

Football Highlight Reel

Here is a collection of highlights from Thing 2’s flag football game today. In the first clip, Thing 2 (jersey #4) is playing quarterback for the first play of the game. In the next clip, he completes a pass for a touchdown. The third clip is Thing 2 faking a pass, then taking off on a quarterback draw for the two point conversion. In the final highlight, Thing 2 airs it out for a deep pass.