Dance Recital Time

It’s springtime which means another dance recital for Thing 4. If you haven’t been, the recital is a multiple hour endeavor to watch a 2 minute performance. The cuteness of so many little girls – and one boy this year – in fancy costumes is overwhelming. I’ll save you multiple hours and show you the 2 minutes here. Thing 4 is second from the right.

Birthday Party

Thing 4 had a birthday party for her fourth birthday. It marked our return to Jumping Jack Sports, where we held a joint party for Thing 2 and Thing 3 a few years ago.

Thing 4 was a birthday princess.

There were games like freeze tag and limbo.


Frozen is what all the girls like these days.


Thing 1 and 2 worked on their slam dunk.

Dance Artist

Thing 4 loves to dance and sing. It doesn’t matter if she knows the words, she just makes up her own. And she improvises the dance moves as she sings. I don’t know if there is Broadway in her future, but it sure is entertaining to watch.

Unicorns and Rainbows

In preschool today, the topic was what do you want to be when you grow up? Most of the answers were typical. A policeman, fireman, nurse, a mommy, a dancer. Thing 4 has a slightly different plan.

Teacher: What do you want to be when you are big?

Thing 4: A unicorn because I want to have rainbow hair.

A Trip Of Firsts

Thing 3 and I took a trip to Boston. It was a trip of firsts. We went to meet a new Urban Cousin that just joined the family. It was the first time I went away with only Thing 3 over night. It was the first time flying in an airplane for Thing 3.

Thing 3 was happy to have arrived at our hotel, but not so happy to be wearing his “fancy clothes”


Suburban Grandpa joined us from Florida. He was not happy about the frigid temperatures, and didn’t have the proper clothing.


Urban Cousin was the reason we were all there.


He wouldn’t eat there but liked that the restaurant had his name on it.


Too bad selfie’s weren’t the rage when my Things were little.


Suburban Uncle attempting to break the world record for longest time to change a diaper.


Suburban Aunt enjoyed time with her new nephew.


Lots of cousins.


Thing 3′s favorite part of the trip: a late night snack run.


Eating pretzels in bed! ┬áCan’t do that at home.


How about a donut for the flight home?


One more selfie on the flight home.