How We Endured The Perfect Storm

This week we experienced a mega storm. Hurricane Sandy combined with a winter storm to form the perfect storm.


Fortunately we did not get a direct hit. Just a lot of rain and wind. By far the worst part (for me) was that school and daycare was closed for 2 days.

Making matters worse, our basement remodeling started this week, meaning we could not go in the basement. Did I mention we were all stuck at home for days?

I realize there are bigger families than ours, living in much smaller spaces. But when you are used to much more space, and lose the ability to separate kids on different floors, and have no noise barrier between you and them, for long periods of time, it sucks.

We watched movies. We carved pumpkins. We read books. It may sound like sweet family fun. It wasn’t really like that. There was bickering, fighting, a lot of screaming, and quite a few “I’m boreds”. The house looks like the hurricane was on the inside. As a result, there were also quite a few glasses of wine.

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  1. The wind direction during the storm was also of interest; in south-eastern England, where the most damage occurred, the strongest winds were southerly. In other parts of the country affected by the storm, East Anglia for example, there were two distinct peaks in the wind one from the south roughly between 0200 and 0400 GMT and another from the south-west approximately between 0500 and 0800 GMT. This in itself was quite unusual because the strongest winds over the UK usually come from directions between west and south-west rather than from the south to south-west.

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