And They Just Keep Coming

We’ve had a big week or so over here at the SuburbanDaddy household.? A lot of “firsts” and big milestones reached within a very short time.? I’ve already posted about Thing 3’s potty training breakthrough.? We’ve also seen Thing 4 start to walk.? She took her first steps about 2 weeks ago and is able to walk 10 or 12 in a row now without falling.? She taught herself to climb stairs and can make it up the 15 stairs to get to the bedrooms.? At least, I think she taught herself.? If I find out one of her brothers taught her they are in trouble.

This week we all went out to a restaurant.? And not the kind where you order food standing up.? True, we took separate cars and SuburbanMommy arrived first and put the orders in.? But still, this was an accomplishment.? I can’t remember the last time we attempted to eat out.? Certainly not since Thing 4 was born.? I wouldn’t call it a relaxing dinner, with Thing 3 running all over the place, but it wasn’t too bad.? And, unbelievably, Thing 3 went potty in the restaurant.? Twice.? And he actually TOLD us he needed to go.? And, he went #2.? Did I mention this was in a restaurant?? And then he also told everyone else in the restaurant what he just did.

Unprecedented.? Unexpected.? Unbelievable week.

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