Winter 2009 Performances

It’s a time honored tradition. Each class in the school puts on a winter show. The kids rehearse for weeks and all the parents come to watch. Here are the highlights from this year.

In case you can’t pick out the Things, here are some clues. Thing 1 is strategically positioned between the two girls and loving it. Thing 2 is the kid who jumps up and waves “Daddy!” when he walks into the room. And Thing 3, well, you won’t miss him. He is the center of attention as always.

One thought on “Winter 2009 Performances”

  1. Oh man … that is SOOO funny! I love when he throws his snowman hat across the room … hehe!
    At first I thought the “Daddy” was the one in Thing 1’s class who said “Daddy” .. I thought “Man, thing 2 is TALL!” Duh. :)
    Great clip, SD.

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