Take The Animals To The Zoo

What to do on a long holiday weekend with the Animals Things? Take them to the zoo!

The weather was absolutely perfect so we went to the National Zoo in Washington, DC. It’s something we do once a year. It’s only a 45 minute drive, why only once a year? Because that’s about how long it takes to get over fighting the crowds for parking and trying to get through the hot monkey house while pushing two strollers.

Thing 1 got to see a Capybara, which, for unexplained reasons, he finds hilarious.

Thing 2 got to see a tiger. He is obsessed with tigers and calls them Shere Khan after the one in The Jungle Book Movie. He stood at the railing, totally mesmerized, watching the tiger pace back and forth. Then, the tiger did something that amused every kid there to no end. He pooped in the water! This remains the highlight of the trip to my kids. I have to admit, it was pretty funny.

Shere Khan Pooping

Thing 3 was just happy to be out and about, shoving cheerios into his face, and watching the crowds of people go by.

At The Zoo

4 thoughts on “Take The Animals To The Zoo”

  1. Cute pics! Sounds like fun…once you get passed the long lines, the hot monkey house, and crowds. I think the tiger pooping was the highlight of the day! LOL My kids thought when the elephants went poop that it was the best thing ever…until my oldest complained he smelled something stinky!

    We are planning to fight the crowds at the Atlanta Aquarium soon. It is about a 2 hour drive for us, so I think we will make it an overnight trip. I have to confess I am much like a kid when it comes to going to the zoo or aquarium. :) I get just as excited as my boys.

  2. I took my son recently, but he was not too interested. He’s only 14 months old, however. The zoo is probably something that takes an older child to appreciate it. I would have liked the tiger pooping, too!

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  3. Us East Coast people had some AWESOME weather this weekend.. glad to see you got to enjoy.. I love the stroller picture.. loved to see a picture of trunk or storage space to hold all of them.. haha

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