Greatest Playground In The World

I’m not a big fan of malls, but they are the perfect place to bring kids on a rainy day. Here are some pictures of my trip with Thing 2 to Tysons Corner Center this weekend.

Thing 2 has what we call an “inner rhythm”. He often goes around humming, singing, and dancing in his own little world. No matter what is going on around him. Here he is dancing his way through the mall. Strangers are entertained, and often stop to look and laugh.

Thing 2 In The Mall

No trip to the mall would be complete without a stop at the indoor play area. In case you don’t have kids, or haven’t been to a mall recently, these are the areas where parents let their kids loose to climb, run, and scream in a (somewhat) controlled environment. It is total chaos.

Mall Playground

If the above photo looks blurry, that’s because the kids are in constant motion. Finally, here is a shot of Thing 2 doing his famous “monster face”.

Monster Face At The Mall

2 thoughts on “Greatest Playground In The World”

  1. That’s funny. Our son is the same way. He goes around humming, singing and dancing with little care about the crowd admiring his talents (and courage). One thing he does do that drives me nuts is not pay attention to where he’s walking. He often bangs his head in the the crotches of passerbys.

  2. We don’t have one of those at our mall! Instead there’s a cheap, dingy collection of old-school cartoon character rides you have to pay 25 or 50 cents for. My daughter is too young anyway right now, and I couldn’t let her play with that many other kids around because she’s small (even for her age) and would probably get trampled. Maybe in a year or two!

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