Exchange Kids Clothing Online

thredup_logo_v2_150 Do you have lots of perfectly good kids clothes that are never worn because they’ve grown out of them? Of course you do. How would you like to trade them for clothes in their size?

I recently found a new website where you can do just that. ThredUP Kids is the way busy families conveniently exchange kids clothing online. ThredUP already lets you exchange adult clothing and the kids service is launching soon. You can sign up now.

Note: I did not receive any incentives to post this. I just think it’s a great idea.

Can’t Wait To Try KneeBouncers

KneeBouncersI just learned about a cool website called KneeBouncers. It looks absolutely perfect for Thing 3 because he is always trying to use the computer like his big brothers, but he only ends up clicking the wrong buttons and hitting the wrong keys.

KneeBouncers gives babies and toddlers the opportunity to play on the internet, without the use of a mouse. Loaded with games, little kids can make magic happen on the screen with any tap on the keyboard. All the keys do the same thing, so they can’t mess it up. Brilliant!

I especially like that the site was started by two dads. Reading their story, I know exactly where they are coming from. A third child that tries to keep up with their older siblings, gets frustrated, and causes trouble for everyone? Sounds a little familiar.

I will be trying KneeBouncers this weekend with Thing 3.? We’ll see how it goes.

Funky Monkey Gets It Part Right

Funky Monkey Snacks are freeze dried fruit snacks. All natural, nothing but “wholesome goodness”.

I applaud them for what they are trying to do. Packaged in colorful bags with silly names, Funky Monkey is attacking the age old problem of making healthy food appealing to kids. So, how did they stand up to the kid review panel of Thing 1 and Thing 2?

The packaging and marketing part worked. They couldn’t wait to try them. Even Thing 1, who won’t eat most fruits, tried the pineapple and mango. Even after I told him it was pineapple and mango fruits.

But the excitement faded after they had eaten a few. It’s no knock on Funky Monkey, but it’s just not easy to make freeze dried fruit taste as good as chocolate teddy bears or artificial fruit snacks.

Bottom line: The packaging is great so you might get a kid who won’t eat fruit to try some. But don’t expect miracles.

I still like my method to get kids to eat healthy food. Cover it with whipped cream.

Kids And iPhones

This is what happens when a four year old gets his hands on an iPhone. I’m amazed how easily he can unlock it, operate it, and figure out how to do stuff.

Here is Thing 2’s work. First he took some pictures of himself. Then, after taking the one of me from the back, he tells Thing 1 he took a picture of daddy’s butt. They both break into laughter.

Thing 2 will definitely be that guy one day who sits on the copier to photocopy his butt.

Guilt Free Desserts Are Here

With New Years resolutions just around the corner, how can you eat dessert and not feel guilty about it? Just use a proven scientific fact that giving to others can improve your own health.

Crumbs For A Cause makes it easy. Their motto is treat yourself and someone else. When you buy desserts from Crumbs, 50% of profits goes to Birthday Blessings which provides birthday parties to homeless children. How can you feel guilty about helping homeless kids?

Disclosure: I happen to know the owner of Crumbs For A Cause, but I have received no compensation for this post in the form of money or desserts. I just really, really love their cookies and know you will, too!

Two Year Old Swimmer

Thing 3 loves water.? He likes to drink it, spill it, pour it, splash it, bubble it, and throw it.? He is really fascinated by water.? He would run his hands under the faucet all day if he could.

And, this weekend, we found out this kid is also a natural when it comes to swimming.? He is utterly fearless in the pool, which is both good and bad.? I’m happy he isn’t afraid but a little fear is actually a good thing.? It is what prevents him from running headfirst into a body of water.

At just two years old, Thing 3 has managed to figure out all by himself how to hold his breath and float on his belly.? Sure, he swallowed some water a few times.? But he just came up laughing and wanted to do it again.

This kid loves water.