Advice To Expectant Dads: Don’t Ever Do This

As a semi-famous dad blogger I get a lot of public relations pitches for products and services that may be of interest to my readers. I ignore most of them unless a) I get something cool for free or b) I think it might actually interest you.

I got one this week on the topic of Push Presents. If you aren’t familiar these are presents given to women after giving birth. I highly recommend that you give your wife a push present, especially if you are a first time expectant dad. This is definitely one of those cases where “no” really means “yes”, and “I don’t care” also means “yes”. Incidently, not being told about a desired push present is not an excuse for not getting one. As an expectant dad you don’t win. Get used to it.

Back to the PR pitch. It started by quoting a survey that found 38% of new mothers received a push present and 55% of pregnant mothers wanted one. I feel really bad for the husbands of those 17% that wanted one but didn’t get a push present. Good luck with that.

Apparently the most popular form of push present is jewelry. Nothing surprising there. SuburbanMommy got some nice new jewelry a couple of times.

Instead of jewelry, why not give your wife her body back? With new mothers on average taking 3-4 months to lose all the baby weight, it can cause some frustrations. Additionally, it can be very difficult for new mothers to get back to the gym within the first few months as they are taking care of their newborn. For fathers who are looking for the best push present without diamonds, Premier Fitness Camp, a five star fitness resort, has created a special ?Body Back? package which reflects a 30% savings off the original price. Starting at $4,550 for 7 days new mothers will receive the following treatment and be able to shed the baby weight fast.

First of all, if you are an expectant dad and planning to spend $4,550 on a push present, I strongly suggest you spend it on jewelry.

But more importantly, you do not give a pregnant or recently pregnant woman anything that may call attention to her weight, her body, or having anything to do with weight loss!

I might have some experience in these matters. I might have once given a Wii Fit to a pregnant woman for her birthday after she told me she wanted one. I might still be paying the consequences for that colossal mistake.

3 thoughts on “Advice To Expectant Dads: Don’t Ever Do This”

  1. Whoever thought Fitness Camp would be a good push present obviously doesn’t know any pregnant women. The LAST thing I want after delivering a baby is a reminder that my figure isn’t what I’d like it to be! The Wii Fit…? Ok, I can see asking for one and why you’d buy it, but if it was within the first year after birth, the hormones took over when the box was opened. Oops, on both parties. :(

  2. It should be noted that you might Suburban Daddy might have given the gift to his 8 month pregnant wife, while on 5 months of bed rest, with a planned c-section.

  3. Yeah, I knew when I got the Wii Fit there would be a 50/50 chance of getting this reaction. I also knew, based on prior experience, that there would be a 50/50 chance no matter what I got. So I just took the chance.

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