The Real Reason To Avoid Fast Food

I was flying solo tonight with the four Things – pick them up at school, give them dinner, baths, put to bed. In these situations, there are only two realistic options for dinner: pizza or fast food drive through. I went with the fast food. Four Happy Meals.

There are lots of reasons why McDonalds has sold a gazillion burgers. It’s cheap, quick, and kids love it. The marketing tie in with Rio the movie was a huge hit.

But now I’m regretting my food decision. Sure it’s not the healthiest choice. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let’s see how you manage an evening with 4 Things on your own, and what you serve them.

That’s not why I regret it. The real reason to avoid fast food is the smell it leaves in your car after hauling 4 happy meals home. I know the smell will still be there in the morning to make me nauseous. I should have gone with the pizza. One word: delivery.

One thought on “The Real Reason To Avoid Fast Food”

  1. That smell is scary. What is it about french fries and cheeseburgers that taste so good, yet can leave your car smelling like a pile of cow manure?

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