Kids And iPhones

This is what happens when a four year old gets his hands on an iPhone. I’m amazed how easily he can unlock it, operate it, and figure out how to do stuff.

Here is Thing 2’s work. First he took some pictures of himself. Then, after taking the one of me from the back, he tells Thing 1 he took a picture of daddy’s butt. They both break into laughter.

Thing 2 will definitely be that guy one day who sits on the copier to photocopy his butt.

One thought on “Kids And iPhones”

  1. I am also amazed at my 3-year-old’s knowledge of my iPhone. The crazy thing is that we haven’t even really *taught* her those skills very intentionally. She just watched us and picked it right up…just like that.

    In fact, I once saw her TEACHING my in-laws how to use their phones. That made me smile. :)

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