Two Year Old Swimmer

Thing 3 loves water.? He likes to drink it, spill it, pour it, splash it, bubble it, and throw it.? He is really fascinated by water.? He would run his hands under the faucet all day if he could.

And, this weekend, we found out this kid is also a natural when it comes to swimming.? He is utterly fearless in the pool, which is both good and bad.? I’m happy he isn’t afraid but a little fear is actually a good thing.? It is what prevents him from running headfirst into a body of water.

At just two years old, Thing 3 has managed to figure out all by himself how to hold his breath and float on his belly.? Sure, he swallowed some water a few times.? But he just came up laughing and wanted to do it again.

This kid loves water.

One thought on “Two Year Old Swimmer”

  1. That is AMAZING!!! I’m so proud of him! Can you say SWIMMING SCHOLARSHIP??? :) Very cute too, by the way!!

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