Is This Fun?

What does a 5 year old consider to be fun? Sure, there are the typical activities you’d expect – tee ball, board games, puzzles – that Thing 1 enjoys.

But there is another one you probably wouldn’t guess. He likes to write numbers on a piece of paper. He starts with 1, 2, 3 and continues until there is no more room on the paper. It’s a game to see how high he can get.


In this one he counted by two’s and got to 417. Sometimes he’ll go by three’s or fives. If he doesn’t have time to finish he’ll save it and pick up where he left off.

He’ll also flip the page over and continue writing numbers. Here is the back of the one from above.? Final tally on this one was 669. Not what you would have guessed but he really likes it and has been doing it for years.


3 thoughts on “Is This Fun?”

  1. Oh man … you guys have your hands full with this one. I thought it was bad enough when he was reading better than me, but now he likes math too? Maybe after the 5s you can work on factorials, Thing 1 Will Hunting.

  2. I’m always fascinated with his concentration as he does this during his free time in class!

    And almost as fascinated that I stumbled upon your blog randomly!!

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