Four Year Old’s Meltdown Caught On Tape

To those readers who are new parents, here is something you may want to see to know what to expect in a few years. Thing 1’s power struggles have been fodder for this site before. But this time, I actually caught one on tape.

This one was actually pretty tame by his prior standards. It started one weekend afternoon. He gave up taking naps on weekends a long time ago, even though he takes one every day at preschool.

The sequence of events is as follows.

Thing 1 says he needs a tissue. But he goes into his “I’m too weak and it’s too hard to move” routine, choosing to lay on the stairs instead. After making the long trek up the stairs, he returns to say there are no tissues. More accurately, there are no tissues because he put them all in the trash. The whole box.

I send him to his room. Crying ensues. After being in his room for a few minutes, he starts to bang the door. I go up to check. He denies doing it.

More of the same. More crying. Just another day with a four year old.

I can’t wait to show him this video in about 25 years, when he has a new baby, so he’ll know what to expect.

7 thoughts on “Four Year Old’s Meltdown Caught On Tape”

  1. Wow, that brought back memories. All of them bad.

    Thank goodness they grow out of this behavior. Unfortunately, it takes longer for some than others. My daughter’s almost 7 and she still throws a tantrum every now and then, and usually over the most trivial things.

    I just laugh when I hear people say about little kids, “They’re just so precious. Don’t you wish they could stay this age forever?!”

  2. I loved this! I am NOT the only one dealing with this. You have to admit, the banging on the door then denying it part was PURE brilliance ;)

  3. Yes…my 8 month old already is starting the melt down mania…She’s way ahead of me. Come to think of it, I used to crawl up the stairs at a turtle’s speed like that.

  4. OMG…this was SO what I needed to see… My 5 year old just had another of his HUGE tantrums and I needed a stress break…this brought back my smile. Thank you so much for that.

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