First Organized Soccer Experience

This weekend was the first “game” in our mini-soccer league. Soccer is way more popular than when I was growing up. It’s the first organized sport kids can play, starting at age 3, though I use the term organized loosely.

Mini soccer works like this…each kid brings his own ball and wears shin guards. Who knew they made shin guards in size 3T? A soccer academy trainer leads the kids through some games involving basic soccer skills. In later sessions, there may be actual “games”, which should prove quite entertaining.

My 3 y.o. was very eager to start playing. We’ve been talking about it for weeks. We got to the field early. He jumped right in and ran through all the drills. That is, until, during a round of soccer tag, he was hit in the ear by another kid and then wanted to go home. Oh well, hopefully his memory will be short, and his soccer career will be longer than just the 20 minutes of glory this weekend.? There is always tee ball.

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