Backwards First

Thing 4 is getting close to crawling.? She is almost 8 months in this video.? Thing 1 likes to point out that he was crawling at 7.5 months, so she’s doing “pretty good for a girl”.? I’m not really sure he said anything like that, but it would have been funny if he had.? Technically speaking backwards is still crawling so I guess she has matched him.? Go Thing 4!
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Get Ready For Trouble

Crawling is an exciting milestone and Thing 4 is getting close. These pictures show how close.

But these pictures also hint at trouble on the way. Sure, crawling means she will start getting into stuff around the house so we need to watch her at all times. But the trouble that’s coming isn’t for me. We’ve got the baby proofing pretty well down by now.

No, the trouble that is coming is for Thing 3. His world is about to get turned upside down. Until now, he has been the one getting into his brothers’ stuff. And as the youngest he generally gets his way.? That’s about to change.

Do you see in the pictures what is motivating Thing 4 to crawl?? She is trying to get one of Thing 3’s toys.? Until now he didn’t care much what she was doing. ? But as soon as she takes one of his toys he will NOT be happy. And that will be Trouble with a capital T.? Thing 4 is going to be one tough little girl.

How Girls Are Different So Far

When Thing 4 arrived, our first girl after 3 boys, I was fully prepared for everything that comes with a newborn. Car seats, strollers, bottles, sleepless nights, spit-ups, crying. Been there, done that 3 times.

Most stuff is pretty much the same, so far, with a girl as it was with the boys. I know this will change soon enough. But there have been some differences already.

Girls get a lot more gifts, especially clothes. We have already filled all her drawers and closet with clothes from family, friends, neighbors, and people we’ve never met before.

Girls don’t pee all over you and the wall when you change their diaper.

Girls need to have some pink on them at all times. Blankets, bibs, and clothes which are gender neutral colors like white or green or yellow, and were perfectly good for 3 boys, all need to be replaced with new ones which have pink on them.

What else am I in for with a girl?