Beach Week

Our annual week at the beach has evolved considerably from the early years. I have to say, this year’s trip was by far the best so far. And by best, I mean the most relaxing. We still had to deal with the occasional meltdowns of a 3 year old who is used to napping every day. But overall it was a great week.

In a masterful display of packing, we had everything a family of six needs for a week in the trunk of the minivan.


The boys raced go-karts. Thing 3 had to stand on his toes to make the 46 inch height requirement.

SuburbanMommy and Thing 4 were all business at dinner.

On a sunset dolphin cruise we spotted many dolphins. Thing 3 insists he also saw a blue whale even though the water was mostly 3 feet deep.

Thing 3 took part in a July 4th watermelon eating contest.

It rained the first few days but it didn’t slow down Thing 4.

The sun finally came out and we spent plenty of time at the beach.






We were thankful to have an extra pair of hands with us.

Mornings began with a walk to the bakery. Donuts for breakfast.


On very rare occasions everyone will stand still and look at the camera at the same time.


No one was very eager to get back into the car for the long drive home.

On the drive home, Thing 1 was already looking at the catalog of rentals for next year.

A Trip To The Doctor

When Thing 3 is involved, you never know what he’s going to say. Which means any time spent with him will be entertaining.

I took Thing 2 and Thing 3 to the doctor for their annual checkup. Thing 2 just turned eight and Thing 3 turned six.

As we were walking into the building, there was a frail, elderly man walking slowly with a cane. Thing 3, who never has an unspoken thought, called a lot of attention to the “guy with an old man cane”.

I immediately had flashbacks of being in a men’s locker room with Thing 3 and a noticeably overweight man. So I decided we should take the stairs rather than risk being in a confined space with Thing 3 and the old man.

We were in the examining room. The doctor came in carrying both of their charts.

As Thing 3 climbed up on the table, in nothing but his boxer briefs and a pair of socks, the doctor said, “So you are six years old now.”

Thing 3 exclaimed, “How did you know that!”

It’s the same reaction he has when Santa knows stuff about him.

I noticed he was wearing his underwear inside out. And his socks were also inside out. Why? Because he likes it that way.

Then, out of the blue Thing 3 tells the doctor, “Don’t touch my wiener”.

Just another day with Thing 3. He can make a routine trip to the doctor entertaining.

Too Much Work

Thing 3 is the hardest one to wake up. He is not a morning person and prefers to wake up slowly. Getting him up for school during the week is a struggle.

Today we had the usual whining and resistance. Then he added, “I don’t want to go to school.”

He sounded serious. Like maybe something happened the day before. You hear about bullying and think the worst. Although, with Thing 3, he’s more likely to be the one bullying.

I asked him why he didn’t want to go to school.

He was quick to respond. And completely serious.

“Because it’s too much work”

Before you start debating how teachers give too much homework, consider this: He is in Kindergarten! And he was referring to this week’s unit on money (pennies, dimes, etc)

Living In Another World

Most kids wake up with a lot of energy. They say things like “what are we doing today” or “I want breakfast”.

And then there is Thing 3 who is from another world. The things he says when he wakes up are totally random and unexpected. But you always need to listen close because you just may miss something hilarious. This morning was one of those instances.


Thing 3: I dreamed about a trumpet!

SuburbanDaddy: A trumpet?

Thing 3: Yes. But the solar system wolf keeps stealing my dreams.

SuburbanDaddy: OK. Do you want some breakfast?

Jumping Rope

When you have 4 siblings in your family, everything is a competition. Thing 4 usually gets a pass because she’s the only girl and the baby. But with two older brothers, Thing 3 has it different. He never gets to win anything. But that doesn’t stop him from trying. And when he does best his brothers, especially in something physical, he is thrilled.

Here is a jump rope competition where Thing 3 pulls out a victory.

Yellow Belt

Thing 3 has been taking a Tae Kwon Do class for the last month, a few times a week. To our surprise he really enjoys it and is a fantastic listener. Hopefully some of that will translate back home.

Here he is performing his moves for the belt test to become a yellow belt. Watch as he breaks 2 boards for the first time.

And here is the ceremony