Day 17 – And Counting

Today marks 17 days I’ve been home with the Things. Holidays + Winter Break + Vacation + Sinus Infection + 3 Snow Days = 17 days.

Sure, it’s nice to not go to work. But when kids are out of school for that long, it gets loud and SuburbanDaddy blows his top. It doesn’t help when the majority of those days are with a sinus infection (mine). Work doesn’t seem like a bad alternative right now.

We’ve also had 3 snow days already. Only one of which I can explain. Seriously, when it is 43 degrees and dry out kids can go to school. When I was a kid, I remember school buses with chains on the tires so we could drive in the snow. And if the buses couldn’t make it we walked barefoot.

Here’s a video of Thing 3 learning about one of the cancellations. He actually thinks he caused it to happen by putting ice in the toilet. Hey, it’s only weird if it doesn’t work.

Tonight we are expecting a “polar vortex” with sub zero temperatures and high winds. Can you say Day 18?

New Years Resolution

Resolutions. It’s good to have goals and work towards something each year. Even six year olds make New Years resolutions.

SuburbanMommy: Do you know what a resolution is?

Thing 3: Yes, something you want to do.

SuburbanMommy: Do you have a resolution for 2014?

Thing 3: To take over the world.

He didn’t hesitate at all before giving the answer. Knowing Thing 3, he has probably thought about this for some time. And some day he just might do it.


The Moment Of Truth – Naughty Or Nice?

Do you remember when you were in school, and there was a big assignment that you prepared for a long time. When the big day finally came, and you handed in the work, there was nothing more you could do. You did all you could and now it was time to find out the results. It was the moment of truth.

Today was Thing 3’s moment of truth, where he found out if he is on the nice or naughty list for 2013. Santa sends a personalized video for each Thing to SuburbanMommy each year. In the video, Santa knows surprisingly specific details about each one (6 years old, first grade) and it is always a big moment when, just before Christmas, we watch the videos.

This year Thing 3 was unsure which way it would go. He was nervous. Especially since we received a video from Santa list week saying he was still undecided. SuburbanSanta sometimes does this to make sure a Thing pays extra attention to being good the week before Christmas.

Watch Thing 3 learn the results.

What Matters

Thing 3 just completed the first quarter of first grade, and SuburbanMommy had the conference with his teacher. Somewhat surprisingly, he received a glowing report saying how well he listens and tries in class.

SuburbanDaddy: Your teacher says you do a great job listening in school. Why don’t you listen like that at home?

Thing 3: That’s because school matters.

Soccer Sabotage

Taken by itself, this is a not so special video of some 4 year olds attempting to play soccer. But, if you know Thing 3, especially if you knew him when he was 4 years old, and once you hear the back story of what he was trying to do in this game, it takes on a whole new meaning.

Thing 3 was mad about something. And there was always something when he was 4 years old. Someone probably said or did something the wrong way. So Thing 3 decided he would get even by sabotaging the game and kicking the ball off the field so they couldn’t play. He was so determined and managed to kick the ball off the field a few times.

The coaches and other kids had no idea why he kept intentionally kicking the ball off the field. Thing 1 was there and thought it was hilarious, and he still jokes about it. I wanted to immortalize it here forever so one day Thing 3’s kids could see how their dad was when he was 4.

Quite An Accomplishment

Of all the parenting moments I’ve experienced over the last 10 years, one of the most fulfilling, surprisingly, is teaching my kids how to ride a bike.

Maybe because it wasn’t so simple to do. Maybe because they weren’t as eager to learn as I hoped. It’s an amazing thing to watch, really. One minute they are saying they can’t do it. And then it clicks, and they are off and riding.

Here is Thing 3 in just his second try.