Why do minivans get such a bad rap?

I will be getting a minivan soon, to replace my 1998 Honda Civic. I have my sights set on the top rated Honda Odyssey. Why wouldn’t I want to drive this car? What is the stigma with buys driving minivans? Today’s minivans are comfortable, powerful, stylish, with every bell and whistle imagineable. The sheer number of cupholders alone should make any guy want one.

Why is it that women are allowed to drive minivans, but men would just as soon admit they shave their legs than drive one? Is it because they are afraid it will remove what’s left of their macho image? Let me tell you a little secret. When you have two kids, you’ve already lost any trace of machismo. There is nothing macho about having formula stains on all your shirts, or cheerios all over your car. Nobody will mistake you for the Marlboro Man as you push a double stroller in the mall, diaper bag over your arm, Elmo stickers stuck to the bottom of your shoes. Or, as you pull a used tissue from your pocket to wipe the snot from your kids’ nose, then put it right back in your pocket to use later.

I say, bring on the minivan. Personally, I can’t wait to get one. At least I’ll be a comfortable, if not macho, guy.

Parenting and Dads

I’m glad to see I’m not the only Dad pissed off by Parenting Magazine’s tag line, What matters to moms. The line says it all. The content is aimed at women, and how they can trick their men into performing house chores and baby duties. In the occasional one pager Just For Dad articles, they’ll offer up ways for men to get to know their babies, as if they only see their kids for 10 minutes a day. I hope this bothers some women as much as it does some men. I mean, what if Money magazine (which my wife enjoys) had the tag line What matters to men?