Little Looster

It was difficult at times, but somehow we managed to potty train 2 out of 4 Things. We are close to starting down that road with Thing 3, mainly because he needs to be out of diapers before moving to the next preschool class in September. Unfortunately he wants no part of it. So I was happy when Monica Mylet, the inventor The Little Looster, invited SuburbanDaddy to test out her new product.

The Little Looster is a plastic stool that surrounds your toilet.? It is designed to help little ones climb up on the potty, and because of its unique wraparound shape, gives them a place to rest their legs while sitting.? Ingenious!

The stool is made out of sturdy plastic and was able to easily support my weight.? It is wide in the front and narrower along the sides, providing a nice fit along the toilet base.? And it’s slim enough not to interfere when adults use the toilet.

It arrived in a big shipping box, with bubble wrap, which was enough to get Thing 3’s curiosity way up.? I was hoping the excitement would be enough to get him to actually sit on the potty.? But he still refused, and I know enough not to push it with him.? Luckily, Thing 2 was more than happy to demonstrate how it works.

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Little Looster

A New One For Me

After four kids I thought I had seen everything disgusting that was possible involving poop.? There are the incidents I’ve posted about before involving the swimming pool, at the McDonald’s play place, in the washing machine, and at the zoo.? And now I can add another – the bathtub.

We did the usual triple bath last night – all three boys in the tub at the same time.? It can get crazy and cause a mess, but it’s the quickest way to get baths over with.? Thing 3 likes to has to stay in the tub until all the water is out.? Even then it’s a fight to get him to come out.? This kid loves water.

He was sitting in the tub, with no water, when I was helping Thing 2 brush his hair.? When I looked back at the tub, whoomp! there it was.?? I had my iPhone handy to snap a photo for this post but I thought I’d spare you all and leave something to the imagination.? Since he isn’t potty trained I tried to turn it into a teachable moment.? “Poop goes in the potty. “? He wasn’t very impressed.? I fear we’re in for more of these adventures as he goes through potty training.?? Does anyone know a potty training “expert” I can call?

The Story I Should Not Tell

I probably should not be telling this story. There are some things we are better off not knowing. I don’t need to know how hotdogs are made. They just taste so good. And I don’t want to hear about what happens in restaurant kitchens. I just want to enjoy a meal out.

After taking Thing 1 and Thing 2 to the pool in the morning, I thought we’d go by this new Burger King with the biggest, two story play place I’ve ever seen. After which, they would surely be wiped out and the rest of my Saturday would be easy.

Maximum CapacityThis play place had 4 levels of tunnels, slides, and climbing. There was actually a sign that said maximum capacity was 215 people! Surely that can’t be right. The Things were loving it. They played for almost 30 minutes before deciding it was time to eat.

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The Gift I Never Wanted

Everyone has their own God given talents. Unique skills which separate them from the pack. Sometimes the talent is, indeed, a gift. Playing the piano is a gift. Hitting a golf ball 300 yards is a gift. But sometimes, the “gift” is not something we want to have. In those cases, we’d rather be like everyone else.

But we can’t escape what we have been given. To quote Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben, “With great power comes great responsibility“.

And so, with great reluctance, I have come to recognize a talent of mine for what it is – a gift. I’m still not sure what I’m meant to do with it, but maybe someday I’ll know.

What is this great talent of mine? I can identify the smell of my kid’s poop. Yes, with a room full of people, when I hear, “Who has a dirty diaper?”, I can definitively claim, “Oh, that’s Thing 2” just by catching a whiff.

It’s not something I wanted. Or that I’m particularly proud of. But I have accepted it as one of my “gifts”.

Whatever It Takes

When you want something so badly, there is no length you wouldn’t go, no road you wouldn’t travel, to get it. Sometimes, the end really does justify any means.

Such is the case with potty training. Thing 2 has been reasonably good with #1. Pooping, however, has been a much different story. When wearing diapers, he liked to go to his spot in the playroom and spend some “quiet time” with his castle, if you know what I mean.

To ease the transition, we’ve tried to make going on the potty as familiar to his routine as possible. So, I find myself in scenes like this. At the time, it didn’t seem like an odd thing to do. Looking at the picture now, I see it needs some bit of explanation.

Potty Training - Whatever It Takes

Dueling Potties

banjo-1.JPG Tonight I had the fun of bouncing between bathrooms as Thing 1 and Thing 2 both were attempting to go #2 on the potty. I was reminded of the banjo scene from the movie Deliverance, as I traveled back and forth to calls of “Daaaaddddy!”.

They alway decide they need to go potty after we put them to bed. Then, we have to go all the way back downstairs for the sticker chart ceremony. Then it’s: “I’m thirsty”. I know it’s a ploy to stay up later. But what are you going to do?