The Accomplice

I just sent Thing 1 and Thing 2 to play in the basement so I can eat my breakfast. We are finally at the point where they can play down there together for extended periods without causing too much trouble.

I also sent Thing 3 with them. He is not quite at the point where he can be alone with his brothers and not cause trouble.

I know exactly how this situation will end up. Either Thing 3 will hit someone, mess up whatever game they are playing, or press all the buttons on the TV so the Wii doesn’t work.

I suppose, then, I am an accomplice to whatever he does. That’s something I’m willing to take because I really just need 5 minutes to eat breakfast.

True Partners

Since moving into the same bedroom a week ago, Thing 1 and 2 are learning about sharing and partnership. So far the results have been pretty good. Each is sharing his stuff with the other.

But we adults know the true test of any partnership is to put your money where your mouth is. Go into business with someone or buy something together and you’ll learn the true nature of your relationship.

That’s exactly what happened yesterday. Thing 1 desparately wanted to get Wii football. But he didn’t have enough allowance saved. So I suggested he see if Thing 2 would put up half the money. Together they had enough to cover the cost. We counted out the cash and took a trip to Target.

So far so good. They are taking turns playing. And they’ve learned a valuable lesson in how money works.

We’ll just see what happens when one of them gets tired of football and wants to trade it in for another game, but the other partner doesn’t want to sell. So one has to buy out the other’s share. But he won’t have the cash up front so there will be a payment plan, financing, and maybe collections for delinquent payments. I can see Thing 3 as the debt collector muscle. “Pay me now or I will hit you with this Buzz Lightyear”

Starting The New Year With Change

We are starting this new year off with some changes. Today Thing 1 and Thing 2 officially start sharing a room.

Thing 1 will be on the top bunk, Thing 2 on the bottom. Each has their own designated side of the closet, their own set of drawers and separate shelves for their stuff. But it will be an adjustment for kids who have always had their own room.

The biggest wildcard is how bedtime will go. Thing 1 goes right to sleep with the light off. Thing 2 stays awake and plays with action figures, or just talks out loud to himself, with lights on, before falling asleep each night. It will be a source of friction.

Sleeping in a real bed will be new to Thing 2. He has been sleeping on his “couch” on the floor with a sleeping bag for as long as I can remember. Not because he didn’t have a bed. He just likes it.

Finally, to make room for a Thing 4 in a couple months, we are also moving Thing 3 to 2’s old room. For him it will be a move from crib, where he is safely contained and unable to cause trouble, to toddler bed. The thought of Thing 3 roaming free at night is a little scary.

Busy Busy

I haven’t posted in a while because we’ve been very busy over the last month. What have I been doing instead of writing blog posts?

This past weekend was SuburbanUncle’s wedding in Boston. There was a lot of planning and, as best man, I had to write a speech to deliver to 180 people.

I also published another article as a Pull-Ups Potty Training Expert.

We went to a couple of fall festivals. Thing 1 and Thing 2 love going down the hay slides. The bigger and faster the better.

Hay Slide

Fall Festival

Thing 3 also likes the hay slide.? But he does *not* like to wait in line to get to the slide.? So, he throws a tantrum in the line.? When he gets really mad he also kicks off his shoe, which you can see here when we come down the slide.? He cries the entire time we’re waiting in line, then turns to laughter as we go down the slide, then immediately wants to go again, then throws another tantrum when we have to wait in line.? Yes, it’s a lot of fun for me.? You should come with us some time.

On the slide with no shoe

Besides fall festivals, Thing 1 started kindergarten and had his first visit from the tooth fairy.? The going rate for a lost tooth seems to be $5, at least for the first one.

As you can see, a lot going on around here so blog posts have been sparse.? I did try to write one from my iPhone but the WordPress plugin isn’t working anymore.? With Halloween coming up, I’m sure to get lots of good material to write about here.? Before you head out trick or treating, you may want to look at this story again from last Halloween.