Football Tradition

Continuing our yearly tradition, we went to a preseason NFL game for the third year in a row. This year we went back to the Redskins’ FedEx Field, despite my declarations that I’d never return.

Suburban Uncle gave Thing 2 tickets for his birthday. With all the hoopla around here for Robert Griffin III (RG3), it was a big event.

We also kept the streak alive: Three games where it rained.


Beach Vacation Summer 2012

We are back from this year’s beach vacation to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It was fun and exhausting, with some record setting temperatures again this year, but at least we avoided the major storms and power outages back home in Virginia. We did not avoid Thing 1 getting car sick 30 minutes into the ride back home, and throwing up in the back seat of the minivan.? Here is our trip in pictures.

We took a cruise on a real pirate ship. ?Thing 3 wanted the mustache but then complained it was itching so he smeared it all over his face.


Some more scary pirates


I never knew pirates did the limbo.? Thing 4 had the advantage of being able to walk underneath the limbo bar without even bending.


One of the ocean side pools we enjoyed.? This was also the view I had as I cannonballed into the water during the 4th of July Big Daddy Splash Contest.? I did not win.? Not even close.


A colorful sunset.? The picture doesn’t do it justice.


A vacation tradition.? Donuts for breakfast every day.


Another tradition.? Ice cream every day.? In this case, frozen yogurt.? Despite using 2 spoons, Thing 4 still had difficulty getting it in her mouth.


Dressed up for Fourth of July.


Thing 3 is ready for the beach.? He is the most fearless of the 4 in the ocean.? The bigger the wave, the harder the head first crash into the sand, the more he comes up laughing.


Suburban Uncle joined us for a few days.? Don’t expect to sleep late on a vacation with the 4 Things.? You may be subjected to this very early in the morning.


But sleep will happen eventually.? This is what happens at 7:30pm when a 2 year old spends the day at the beach.


On the way home, waiting for the popcorn store to open.


A Disney First

We had a Disney first today. No, not that Disney first. I’m nowhere near ready for Disney World with the 4 Things, although I am sure that day will come. No, today we experienced our first Disney On Ice.

It was a milestone in that we took all four kids to the event. We rarely do anything that involves the entire family. It’s usually divide and conquer planned around nap schedule.

The day went well. Thing 3 probably enjoyed it the most. Thing 1 was too busy eating donuts and cotton candy and popcorn to notice he was watching Disney characters and not a sporting event.

Thing 4 was very squirmy and didn’t want to stay seated, but all things considered she was well behaved. Again, the donuts didn’t hurt.






And this is what Thing 3 looks like, wearing his Mickey Mouse crown that comes free with a $12 cotton candy, after a 2 hour ride home because it took 45 minutes to get out of the parking garage and we had to stop at SuburbanUncle’s house so Thing 3 could go potty.


Getting Ready For Christmas

Tonight we decorated the Christmas tree. You might picture a warm family setting, fire crackling, festive music, laughter, and everyone loving and helping each other. That would be an episode of Happy Days.

Despite the pictures you see here, what happens when we put ornaments on the tree is quite different. Imagine four sharks at feeding time, wearing matching pajamas, each trying to push their way in front of the others. Except these sharks cry when they don’t get their way.

But the end result, a decorated tree and a glass of wine for SuburbanDaddy, always turns out well. Plus we have these seemingly calm memories captured on film to remember.






Thanksgiving According To An 8 Year Old

Ever wonder what kids remember about the holidays? Here is Thing 1’s account of our Thanksgiving. He tells a nice story, full of suspense, building to the exiting finish. The transcript follows in case you can’t read his writing. And yes, it’s about football because, well, that’s his obsession in case you haven’t noticed.? I think he may have a future as a sports broadcaster.? The next Bob Costas.



This long, long, long weekend I celebrated Thanksgiving. My Uncle, Aunt, and Grandpa came.? We watched Football. We watched the Packers vs Lions. The Packers won 27-15. We watched the Dolphins vs Cowboys. The Cowboys won 20-19. We watched the Ravens vs 49ers. The Ravens won 16-6 Ravens…9 sacks. 49ers…6 points. I also go a DSI and two games for it. I got Super mario bros. I also got MLB2K11. On Sunday I watched Football. I watched the Bills vs Jets. The Jets were losing 24-21 with 3:00 left. They had the ball in their own territory on 3rd down. I was so nervous until…

First down! First down again! Another first down! Another first down! Again a first down! Now it’s first and goal. Incomplete pass. 2 and goal…
TOUCHDOWN JETS! Then the Bills were in the Redzone with 0:15 left. Incomplete pass. Incomplete pass. Incomplete pass. Incomplete pass. The Jets win! 28-24!


Another year, another Halloween. This was the first year we all went trick or treating together, at least for a little bit. Usually, SuburbanDaddy stays home with a baby and hands out candy.

We started early, before it was even close to dark, because there is just too much excitement to keep everyone inside. After a short time, Thing 4 returned to the house with SuburbanMommy to give out candy and I took the boys around the neighborhood. Here are some videos of the before, and a very tired Thing 3 after. My favorite part is the skipping Superman. We talked about the rules beforehand, and how we walk between houses, not run. Apparently, skipping doesn’t count as running.