The Anti-Football

To say Thing 1 and Thing 2 are into football is an understatement. A huge understatement. They can name the starting quarterback and at least several other players on every single NFL team.

They watch the NFL network at any time, no matter what is on, even in the offseason. They watched the NFL combine which is just prospective players getting measured on how high they can jump and how much they can bench press. The only ones interested are team scouts and coaches. And the 8 and 6 year olds in my house.

Which is what makes Thing 4 so refreshing. She is the anti-football. Much to SuburbanMommy’s delight. Here she is at Thing 2’s football game today. Decked out in pink and about as far from football as she can be.


Born To Perform

I don’t know how I missed this video until now. Thing 2 had his first grade Thanksgiving performance in November. I stayed home with Thing 3 and Thing 4, but SuburbanMommy recorded it. Maybe as she was focused on the video camera, she may not have even noticed what he was doing.

This is exactly why they invented video cameras. Before watching, you might want to refresh yourself on Thing 2’s prior history on the stage.

I love the way he’s seemingly distracted by the microphone, and making goofball faces, but when it’s time for his line, he confidently grabs the mic and delivers right on queue!

Winter Shows

The winter shows at preschool have become an annual tradition. It’s always unpredictable. Who will sing? Who will have stage fright? Who will run to us crying?

This year, Thing 3 had his best performance yet. He stayed on the stage the whole time. A little bit of stage fright, one silly outburst, but overall a good showing.

This was Thing 4’s first show. She’d been practicing and seemed excited about it. But the excitement quickly turned to fear, and she ran to SuburbanMommy’s lap to watch her classmates. Oh well. At least she looked cute.



Getting Ready For Christmas

Tonight we decorated the Christmas tree. You might picture a warm family setting, fire crackling, festive music, laughter, and everyone loving and helping each other. That would be an episode of Happy Days.

Despite the pictures you see here, what happens when we put ornaments on the tree is quite different. Imagine four sharks at feeding time, wearing matching pajamas, each trying to push their way in front of the others. Except these sharks cry when they don’t get their way.

But the end result, a decorated tree and a glass of wine for SuburbanDaddy, always turns out well. Plus we have these seemingly calm memories captured on film to remember.






Thanksgiving According To An 8 Year Old

Ever wonder what kids remember about the holidays? Here is Thing 1’s account of our Thanksgiving. He tells a nice story, full of suspense, building to the exiting finish. The transcript follows in case you can’t read his writing. And yes, it’s about football because, well, that’s his obsession in case you haven’t noticed.? I think he may have a future as a sports broadcaster.? The next Bob Costas.



This long, long, long weekend I celebrated Thanksgiving. My Uncle, Aunt, and Grandpa came.? We watched Football. We watched the Packers vs Lions. The Packers won 27-15. We watched the Dolphins vs Cowboys. The Cowboys won 20-19. We watched the Ravens vs 49ers. The Ravens won 16-6 Ravens…9 sacks. 49ers…6 points. I also go a DSI and two games for it. I got Super mario bros. I also got MLB2K11. On Sunday I watched Football. I watched the Bills vs Jets. The Jets were losing 24-21 with 3:00 left. They had the ball in their own territory on 3rd down. I was so nervous until…

First down! First down again! Another first down! Another first down! Again a first down! Now it’s first and goal. Incomplete pass. 2 and goal…
TOUCHDOWN JETS! Then the Bills were in the Redzone with 0:15 left. Incomplete pass. Incomplete pass. Incomplete pass. Incomplete pass. The Jets win! 28-24!