Day 17 – And Counting

Today marks 17 days I’ve been home with the Things. Holidays + Winter Break + Vacation + Sinus Infection + 3 Snow Days = 17 days.

Sure, it’s nice to not go to work. But when kids are out of school for that long, it gets loud and SuburbanDaddy blows his top. It doesn’t help when the majority of those days are with a sinus infection (mine). Work doesn’t seem like a bad alternative right now.

We’ve also had 3 snow days already. Only one of which I can explain. Seriously, when it is 43 degrees and dry out kids can go to school. When I was a kid, I remember school buses with chains on the tires so we could drive in the snow. And if the buses couldn’t make it we walked barefoot.

Here’s a video of Thing 3 learning about one of the cancellations. He actually thinks he caused it to happen by putting ice in the toilet. Hey, it’s only weird if it doesn’t work.

Tonight we are expecting a “polar vortex” with sub zero temperatures and high winds. Can you say Day 18?

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