The Moment Of Truth – Naughty Or Nice?

Do you remember when you were in school, and there was a big assignment that you prepared for a long time. When the big day finally came, and you handed in the work, there was nothing more you could do. You did all you could and now it was time to find out the results. It was the moment of truth.

Today was Thing 3’s moment of truth, where he found out if he is on the nice or naughty list for 2013. Santa sends a personalized video for each Thing to SuburbanMommy each year. In the video, Santa knows surprisingly specific details about each one (6 years old, first grade) and it is always a big moment when, just before Christmas, we watch the videos.

This year Thing 3 was unsure which way it would go. He was nervous. Especially since we received a video from Santa list week saying he was still undecided. SuburbanSanta sometimes does this to make sure a Thing pays extra attention to being good the week before Christmas.

Watch Thing 3 learn the results.

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