Honestly Good

Here’s a news flash – juice drinks marketed to kids aren’t always good for them. Often there is extra sugar, preservatives, or artificial ingredients added.

Then there are the products that are all natural and better for them, but they taste bad. My kids always see right through these products no matter how cool the packaging looks. ?If it tastes bad, they won’t drink it.

The nice folks at?Honest Kids – ?a line of organic kids drinks from the makers of Honest Tea with flavors like Tropical Tango Punch, Appley Ever After, and Berry Berry Good Lemonade – offered me some samples and I put them to the test. ?After all, it says “organic” on the label and they contain 30% juice, so they must be healthy, right? ?By the way, 30% juice doesn’t seem like a lot but I guess it’s better than most.

As you can see, Things 3 & 4 both liked it. ?And if you look really close, you can also see Thing 2 giving his vote of approval in the background.

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