A Trip To The Doctor

When Thing 3 is involved, you never know what he’s going to say. Which means any time spent with him will be entertaining.

I took Thing 2 and Thing 3 to the doctor for their annual checkup. Thing 2 just turned eight and Thing 3 turned six.

As we were walking into the building, there was a frail, elderly man walking slowly with a cane. Thing 3, who never has an unspoken thought, called a lot of attention to the “guy with an old man cane”.

I immediately had flashbacks of being in a men’s locker room with Thing 3 and a noticeably overweight man. So I decided we should take the stairs rather than risk being in a confined space with Thing 3 and the old man.

We were in the examining room. The doctor came in carrying both of their charts.

As Thing 3 climbed up on the table, in nothing but his boxer briefs and a pair of socks, the doctor said, “So you are six years old now.”

Thing 3 exclaimed, “How did you know that!”

It’s the same reaction he has when Santa knows stuff about him.

I noticed he was wearing his underwear inside out. And his socks were also inside out. Why? Because he likes it that way.

Then, out of the blue Thing 3 tells the doctor, “Don’t touch my wiener”.

Just another day with Thing 3. He can make a routine trip to the doctor entertaining.

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