Things On Canvas

These days everyone has loads of pictures of their kids. ?Pictures from the beach, pictures in the snow, birthday pictures, pictures of little league games, pictures of the first day of school, and everything else that happens every day. ?Our kids’ lives are documented in a Facebook timeline. ?So, how does a parent capture a moment in a way that is timeless and?original? ?By printing a canvas from a photo.

I was invited to try a?Printcopia?canvas print. ?Upload an image from Facebook, Instagram, or a file and turn it into a canvas up to 3 feet in size. ? The quality is great and there is something about a canvas print that says piece of art, in a way that framed photos don’t.

Here’s a description from their website

At Printcopia, you can turn your photos into eye-catching wall art with a variety of printing materials and options to choose from including gallery-quality canvas, sleek acrylic, and glorious panoramic printing. ?If you’re decorating a room or a whole house, Printcopia can take your photos and turn them into wall-worthy pieces of art. Our easy-to-use print tools make it fun to upload your photos and turn them into stunning prints. Our canvas and acrylic prints offer unique ways to turn your photos into mini-masterpieces.

We chose to use one from this year’s holiday photo shoot. ?Here is Thing 3 showing it off as an 11 x 14 canvas from Printcopia. ?We haven’t decided where to hang it yet. ?If you are looking for a memorable keepsake or gift for the grandparents, give a canvas prints a try.


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