The President Shops At Costco

Living in a swing state, Virginia, near Washington DC, we’re getting a lot of attention in the media and from the presidential candidates. ? Today, Barack Obama will be in nearby Leesburg. ?The attention sparked a conversation this morning.

Me: ?Barack Obama will be in Leesburg today.

Thing 2: ?He just walks around the streets?

Me: ?No, he’ll be making a speech somewhere with a lot of people.

Thing 1: ?Maybe Costco! ?Costco is pretty big.

(We often go to Costco in Leesburg. ?And last week Robert Griffin III, new quarterback for the Redskins, was reportedly shopping at the same Costco.)

Me: ?I don’t think the president goes to Costco. ?He has people who go shopping for him.

Thing 1: ?Like his wife?

Thing 2: ?No, Mrs. Obama is a doctor

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