What I’ll Do For 15 Minutes Of Quiet

I’m home alone with Things 1, 3, and 4. SuburbanMommy took Thing 2 to his flag football game. It’s Saturday morning, the first 80 degree Saturday since last year, and the Things are very restless. Translation: I need 15 minutes of quiet.

Enter the water table. We use it all the time in the summer. It keeps their attention for a long time. But it has been sitting outside all winter and is filthy.

The dilemma: Do I let them play with the water table, which means I need to spend a lot of time cleaning while they are trying to “help”, making the cleaning process take twice as long, and I will need to change all their clothes again when they get each other soaking wet and the session ends in a fight-meltdown because water table always ends in a water fight?

Here is the answer.


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