Who’s Afraid Of A Little Thunder?

A major thunderstorm tonight with thunder, lightning, and hail. Right as we were putting everyone to bed which didn’t help any.? We usually do pretty well with thunderstorms. Except for one Thing.? Can you guess which one gets scared from thunderstorms?

Is it Thing 1, who breaks into tears and has crazy endurance for a 7 year old?

Or is it Thing 2, a master at deception who and is continually entertaining us?

Or maybe you think it’s Thing 3, with his bumble bee dreams and unique style?

What about Thing 4 who is full of determination and tries to do everything her big brothers do?

Put your guess in the comments.

7 thoughts on “Who’s Afraid Of A Little Thunder?”

  1. Process of elimination but Laura got it right. Thing 2 has become terrified of thunderstorms. He was caught at the supermarket during a loud storm at the beach a few weeks ago and ever since has been afraid. Last night, during an outdoor movie night, he came running in after getting bitten by a bug, convinced he had been hit by lightening.

  2. Oh no… between hurricane season and what you’ve been reporting about the impending demise of the Redskins, Thing 2 has a rough Fall ahead!

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