Can You Guess What It Is?

Parents often sound like broken records saying the same thing to our kids over and over. There is one phrase in particular that I say at least 50 times a day without exaggeration.

Can you guess what it is? Put your answer in the comments.

10 thoughts on “Can You Guess What It Is?”

  1. @Dan – surprisingly, I don’t say “because I said so” very often. Probably when they are older. But I do get asked “why” a lot. Why are you wearing sneakers? Why is it raining? Why is it monday?

  2. Lots of good guesses. Sean came the closest. The phrase I had in mind was “get down” or “sit down”. Thing 4 is the worst offender. At 16 months she has all but given up her high chair, wanting to be at the big table with her brothers. Even besides the kitchen table, she climbs on *everything* so I am constantly telling her to get down. Then there is Thing 3 who, when he actually decides to eat at the table, stands up on his chair and eats. Thanks for all the guesses.

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