A Star Is Born


Sure it’s only T-Ball, but even at an early age the talent shows. Thing 2 accomplished an amazing feat in a game today. Playing first base, he single handedly retired the first three batters. He caught two put outs from the pitcher, and fielded one solo.

What’s the big deal? You need to understand how T-ball usually works. Outs are very rare. Especially outs that involve both a throw and a catch. Three outs in an *inning*? Almost never happens. Three outs in a *ROW*? Unheard of.

His coach, who has been coaching Little League for 10 years, called this the greatest defensive inning in the history of T-Ball.

The parents who were lucky enough to witness it will be telling their grandchildren about Thing 2’s performance today.

What I will remember is how he sprinted off the field at the end of the inning, all the way to where I was sitting with his sister, and exclaimed: “Daddy! I got 3 outs in a row!”. Priceless.

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