A Pleasant Surprise

I thought I would follow up on the post earlier this week where I was dreading a trip to the dentist with Thing 3.? It went nothing like I expected.? This is often the case with Thing 3.? He is truly one of a kind and you never know what he will do.? Sometimes that causes trouble.? But sometimes it’s a pleasant surprise.


It took a little time and convincing, but we were able to get him to
1. Sit in the dentist chair
2. Sit by himself
3. Let the hygienist brush his teeth
4. Let the hygienist FLOSS his teeth
5. Let the hygienist put flouride on his teeth
6. Use the suction tube which he absolutely thought was the funnest thing ever
7. Let the dentist count and check his teeth. The dentist said the official count was 20, but Thing 3 insisted he has 40 teeth. We did not dare argue with him.

Unbelievable. Now, if we can only have this drastic turnaround next time we get his hair cut.

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