Is This What We Call Progress?

We just finished putting all 4 kids to bed on a Saturday night. True cause for celebration. I celebrated by doing what I’ve done every night since Halloween – stole a piece of candy from their sizable stash.

Come on, I know you all do the same thing.

Nearly a week after Halloween it’s pretty well picked over and most of the really good stuff is gone. Now it’s filled with these teeny, tiny, bite-sized candies that hardly qualify as candy.

When I was a kid, I remember getting full-sized candy bars for Halloween. Or at least ones that were more than a single bite.

Sure, I know there is a problem with child obesity today and kids eat too much junk food and are getting fat blah blah blah. And I know it’s touch economic times and people need to cut back.

But aren’t some traditions worth keeping?

7 thoughts on “Is This What We Call Progress?”

  1. And one appears more cultured and refined when eating one in this manner. Although, I would not have time for that with one Thing, so I’m not sure how you get away with it with four Things.

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