Babies Cannot Read

Baby readingThere was a segment on the Today show this morning about the Your Baby Can Read DVD “Early Language Child Development” Program. Apparently, there are parents who, after spending hundreds of dollars on the DVD’s, feel cheated and duped because they believe the program to be a scam. After using the system, their babies were not able to read.

Are we to feel sorry for these parents? News fllash: babies can’t read! I worry about how well these kids will fare in life having such gullible parents. I can just imagine when the kids are in high school…

Kid: “Mom, I need $100 for a school math project”
Parent: “Ok, sure”

Kid: “Dad, I need you to buy me some beer to conduct a science experiment for school”
Parent: “Ok, sure. Do you need any hard stuff?”

Just how many gullible parents are out there who think a DVD can change the course of human development and teach babies to read? Well, if this is any indication, the Your Baby Can Read Facebook Page has over 11,000 fans!

I have an idea. How about a DVD that teaches parents how to not spend money on worthless crap that claims will make your kid smarter? You can have it for only $14.99.

3 thoughts on “Babies Cannot Read”

  1. But they do a good job of making parents go.. “my kid will be able to do that”.. it taps into the parents egos and endless ways their kids can make them money..

  2. THANK YOU! Here I’ve been wracked with guilt for not looking into those constant advertisements, thinking we don’t have the money. So in the future, my child won’t get beer for Science projects not because I’m wise and savvy, just broke and gullible. :) Very funny post!!

  3. Well, maybe babies can’t read, that’s no surprise, but 4-5 year olds can read. “An Ant – Learn to Read” is a great new phonics story book which parents can use to get their kids ready for Kindergarten. Since most of the public schools teach Kindergarteners to sight read (not phonics), a little advance preparation could save your child from a lot of failure if he or she is one of the 20 percent that is not able to learn to read by sight reading.

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