Worst Thing That Happened Today

Now that Thing 1 has started 1st grade in a new school, we want to know more about what he does all day and how he is doing.? But you won’t get any of that information from him.

Me:? “How was school today?”

Thing 1:? “Good”

Me:? “What did you do?”

Thing 1: “I don’t remember”

So I rephrased the questions so I would have to get some kind of answer.

Me: “What was the best thing that happened today at school”?

Thing 1: “Playing outside at recess.”?? Of course

Me:? “The best thing other than recess”

Thing 1:? “Going to the library.? I got two books”.

Wow, actual information!? Further questioning revealed that he checked out two sports books (of course).? One all about the Pittsburgh Penguins and another about the Pittsburgh Pirates.? I’m not sure about the sudden interest in Pittsburgh teams, but hey, he’s reading.

Me:? “And what was the worst thing that happened in school today?”

Long pause.? I wanted to see if there were kids that he wasn’t getting along with, or maybe some bully 4th graders on the school bus or in the cafeteria.

Thing 1:? “The worst part was in gym class when we had to sit still.”

Not sure what that was about.? So I did some more questioning and found out.? It turns out they were learning about different intensity levels of physical activity.? Level 1 is being stationary.? Level 2 is light walking.? Level 3 is jogging.? And so on.? They simulated each level and for Level 1 they had to sit still in one place in the gym.? For 4 minutes!

And that was the worst part of his day because he wanted to run around during gym class.? I forgot how horrible first grade can be.? Hopefully tomorrow will be better for him.

3 thoughts on “Worst Thing That Happened Today”

  1. Yes, when DD started Kindergarten and I asked her questions like “What did you do today?” I would get “I don’t remember.”

    I thought I had another ten years before I would hear that!

    Has he started gossiping about other students yet?

  2. No gossiping yet. Maybe that’s a female activity :-) He does report on which sports teams other students like and may write someone off who is, for example, a Red Sox fan

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