Stay-cation Day Five

For those of you anxiously awaiting this final stay-cation post, here you go. There was an open house for Thing 1’s elementary school – he started first grade this week. He met his teacher, saw his desk, and and saw where the bus will drop him off. ?Thing 1 was most excited about the big gym and playground.

We also checked out the local high school which kicked off it’s first football game with an outdoor fair complete with moonbounces, music, and dunk tanks. The high schoolers were very impressed with Thing 1’s dunking accuracy – 7 hits out of 12 throws. The day ended with an end of summer ice cream party in our neighborhood.

Checking out his 1st grade desk
Checking out his 1st grade desk
Adding his name to the class list
Football throw
Thing 2 marches to his own beat. Like wearing his hat like this
Ice Cream!

2 thoughts on “Stay-cation Day Five”

  1. You so rock…I have missed your posts the honesty the truth the fun…I am trying to get back in the swing of th.n.sig.I know you know that I have been going through stuff and i hope to be back visiting and commenting like nobodies bidness soon…

  2. ShukriHave posted your link. Warner is very brutal in his interpretation. However, I think his point still stands: the Muslims were ready to tolerate non-Muslims as long as they were USEFUL to the regime, especially since the Muslims were far outnumbered by non-Muslims. This was certainly the case in Golden Age Spain, where the Jews contributed their skills as translators, financiers,etc. There was much resulting cultural interchange and some rose to great wealth and influence, but the Jews were nevertheless at the mercy of their rulers for physical protection.

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