Day of Reckoning Update

Sometimes it’s best to rip the band aid off quickly. ?There is a very brief amount of pain but then it’s over. ?That has been the case with getting Thing 3 to do major new things. ? It’s how we got him to move from his crib to a bed. ?No slow transition, just cold turkey.

That was going to be our approach to potty training him last week. ?We had the marathon training session on Sunday, then sent him to daycare in underwear on Monday. ?He had some accidents but generally sat on the potty willingly.

Then came Tuesday. ?He went into meltdown mode when the teachers tried to get him to go potty. ?He screamed. ?He fought. ?There were reports of poop on the floor, and something about him pooping on a teacher’s hand (not something for which I wanted to ask for clarification). ?So on the teacher’s recommendation, we pulled the plug on potty training for a while.

Yeah, ripping the band aid off quickly works sometimes. ?But other times, the bandage is stuck to the wound, and pulling it off opens it back up and it starts bleeding. ?Metaphorically speaking, that’s what we got this week.

Anyone have any great potty training ideas for Thing 3? ?Maybe ask one of the potty training experts. ?Oh, wait, that’s supposed to be me.

2 thoughts on “Day of Reckoning Update”

  1. From my broad experiences of raising 1 thing; our whotsit took against the potty from day one, potty was the enemy. He could occasionally be encouraged to sit on it but not to make any kind of motion upon it despite positive reinforcement/cajoling/bribery. However once we put a special seat on the big loo, so he could be the same as mummy and daddy, he took to it like a duck to a hoy sin. Hope this helps.

  2. We tried the bribes and letting the kids go commando. I honestly can’t remember what worked for my son. His preschool was taking him on regular 20 minute potty breaks and then he just stopped having accidents. My daughter had to lose her favorite toy for accidents. Not for long but she did have it taken away several times before she mastered #1. The total days was maybe 4 before she stopped. I caught her in her father’s office doing #2 in her pants and took her toy for a night…she knew what she was doing when she hid. She didn’t ever make that mistake again. She still had accidents with #1 occasionally but that’s to be expected. Good luck with thing number 3. I don’t envy the month ahead of you…

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