What’s in Your Bed?

This is how Thing 3 sleeps. Every single item is essential and must be precisely in the right place.

There are the Buzz and Woody dolls. A book. Not just any book. It must be the Backyardigans Jungle Colors book that is falling apart in three places. And Legos. You don’t sleep with Legos? You are missing out. And finally, three of SuburbanDaddy’s shirts which are used in place of a pillow and blanket.

2 thoughts on “What’s in Your Bed?”

  1. Ha ha! I understand. Our 2 1/2 year old sleeps with:
    3 different blankets (all very important)
    a lion pillow
    2 identical stuffed animal dogs
    2 sock monkeys (also identical)
    a stuffed bear
    a stuffed rhino
    The only thing he varies is a foam letter. He chooses a different letter of the alphabet to take to bed every night. I often wonder what is going through his mind!

  2. Then there is my 6 year old who sleeps with “Tigie” an enormous white striped tiger that is as big, if not bigger, than him. Tigie must be tucked under the covers too.

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