A Big Week

We had a pretty big week recently with the arrival of Thing 4. But this week may be a close rival. At least in the minds of Thing 1 and Thing 2.

The beginning of April means spring, longer, warmer days, and lots of sports events.

Yesterday we had NCAA Basketball’s Final Four. Today is the start of the baseball season. Normally we wouldn’t care about baseball this early. But the opening game this year is Yankees vs. Redsox, an event Thing 1 and Thing 2 are very excited about.

Tomorrow is the NCAA Basketball Championship, with unlikely Butler taking on Duke for the national title. As he is known to do, Thing 2 has become a passionate Butler fan after watching them win one game.

As if this weren’t enough sports excitement for the Suburban Household (SuburbanMommy would say it is plenty), the Masters golf tournament is this week. With the return of Tiger Woods after his, um, injury – that’s how I described his recent hiatus from golf to the kids.

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