California Raisins Popcorn Snack Mix

raisinguyThe California Raisin Marketing Board promotes the increased use of raisins grown in California. Raisins are very popular in the SuburbanDaddy household. You may remember how Thing 3 loves to eat raisins and occasionally does some other things with them.

We tried the Five Spice Snack Mix recipe.? It was a Superbowl themed package, complete with a football snack bowl (which Thing 1 and Thing 2 loved), and all the ingredients needed to make the recipe.? To get into the spirit we were wearing football jerseys.

Eager to start  making the raisin snack mix
Ready to start mixing

Football snack bowl
Football snack bowl
All the ingredients ready to go
All the ingredients ready to go

As you can see they enjoyed making the recipe. Thing 2 said his favorite part was making the popcorn. Thing 1 liked pouring the bags of California raisins into the bowl. He also pointed out to his brother that he didn’t “make” the popcorn, he just put it in the microwave.

Although they liked those two ingredients, the final product wasn’t as popular. Both said it was too spicy and I have to agree with them. With garlic and onion powder, cayenne pepper, and Chinese 5-spice powder, it packed a pretty good punch. If spice is your thing, you might want to give it a try.

Disclosure: I received promotional products but no compensation for this review and as always opinions are my own and the opinions of the Things.

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