Sports Junkie

I wouldn’t call myself a fanatic, but I like sports. My interest has actually lessened in the last 6 years mainly because I don’t have the opportunity to watch many games on TV. During the day our television is taken over by Toy Story, The Backyardigans, and Tom and Jerry. And I can’t stay awake to watch the games at night.

All that is changing. Thing 1 has reached an age where he is getting into sports, particularly football. “Getting into” is a bad description. He is a fanatic. I suppose I may be fueling it a little myself. Maybe out of selfish motives so I can start watching sports during the day again. But I didn’t quite expect this. See for yourself in this video.

3 thoughts on “Sports Junkie”

  1. IMPRESSIVE. Not even Uncle Cootie can claim he had that much sports knowledge at the ripe old age of nearly 6. Sad to see that Thing 2 was pulling for the Eagles over the Giants. I might need to start influencing sports cirriculum at the Suburban household more frequently so my nephews don’t get confused about who to root for!

  2. I don’t understand anything these kids are talking about. I did for a minute – when Thing 2 said “Thomas the Tank Engine?” but then I got lost again.

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