The Best Parts of My Day

I will preface this post by stating clearly, for the record, that I enjoy spending time with my kids.

But I’m sure other parents out there can appreciate this, especially those with more than one kid close in age and young ones like mine. Just because you enjoy spending time with your kids, doesn’t mean you want to spend all your time with your kids.

I can’t be the only one who thinks the best part of my day is after I drop the kids off at preschool and get to my desk at work. I eat a bagel, sip a hot caffeinated beverage, catch up on the day’s headlines, and enjoy the QUIET. Oh yeah, for those co-workers who read my blog, I also get right down to work.

To put yourself into my state of mind when I get to work, check out this old post about why I love Mondays.

The second best part of my day comes after 9 hours of sitting in meetings and in front of a computer. I walk through the door and I get ambushed three times by a little person running full steam and yelling “Daaaaaaaaaaddddddyyyy!” Each one wants to play and tell me what they did during the day. All at the same time.

Well, usually that’s the case. Sometimes I walk into a scene of pure chaos and deafening noise levels. That’s when I quietly close the door and sit in my car for another 20 minutes. Just kidding of course (SuburbanMommy will read this).

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