Adding It Up

Toddlers can be attached to the strangest objects.? Thing 2 had Mustache Guy and Mister Dragon.

Thing 3 has cycled through several stuffed animals as his comfort objects.? First it was the monkey, then Pablo from Backyardigans.? Stuffed animals I can understand as comfort objects.? They are soft and cute.

But his latest object doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.? He has become very attached to a calculator.? He sleeps with it.? He reaches for it as soon as he wakes, and walks around the house with it in his hand.

I’ve seen him laying on the ground and pushing the buttons with a very serious look on his face.? What exactly is he calculating?? I have a few ideas.

Maybe he is adding up all the times he has cried so far today.? Believe me, he needs a calculator for that, it’s a very high number.

Or maybe he is adding up the amount of milk he’ll drink in the next 16 years.? If he maintains his current pace, that works out to $541,935.? More or less.

Or how about the number of rounds of golf his Daddy will play this year.? Oh wait, you don’t need a calculator to count those.? Just a couple of fingers.

4 thoughts on “Adding It Up”

  1. My son did the same thing. He carried a calculator everywhere for a year. He just loved seeing the numbers on the screen. Now, math is his favorite subject and he’s pretty darn good at it, too.

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