Bachelor For A Day

You’ve heard of King for a Day?? Well, this weekend, I get to be a bachelor for a day.? This is payback from my single parenting weekend in February, when SuburbanMommy had an Oscar weekend.

I’m scheduled to play golf but the weather is not looking good.? I don’t know when I’ll get to play golf again, so unless there is a category 1 hurricane, I will be on the golf course.

3 thoughts on “Bachelor For A Day”

  1. That is a hilarious picture. From one golfer to another, I hope you get out and that it is beautiful weather!
    And-congrats on the pull-ups article

  2. I don’t golf much but one of my eight times golfing was in the rain with a bunch of crazy relatives. I was about five times over par but it was my best game ever.

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